How to buy Ethereum?

Ethereum was launched with an aim to create a global decentralized supercomputer having nodes from all over the world. It is a platform where developers can rent resources from the infrastructure of the system and build their own decentralized applications. These dApps are based on “smart contracts,” which are self-executing automated agreements between the parties. The language which is used to code smart contracts in solidity. Each command in these contracts cost the resource called “gas.” The gas fee is paid in “Ether,” which is a native currency for Ethereum.

You can trade in Ethereum if you have sufficient knowledge and experience in trading the assets. To buy Ethereum, you will need an exchange. As Ethereum is a top-rated coin, you will find it in all the popular exchanges. Here are the steps to buy Ethereum:

  1. Get an Ethereum Wallet – Before starting the buying process, you will need to get an Ethereum wallet to hold your Ether.

  2. Buy Ethereum with wire transfer or credit card – The easiest way to buy Ether is through popular exchanges like eToro,, etc.

  3. Withdraw Ether to your wallet – If you want to keep your Ethereum safe, you will need to send your coins to your Ethereum address. You can get your ETH address from your Ethereum wallet.

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