Will Ethereum Price Finally Manage to Unleash Its True Potential?

Ethereum (ETH) had been engulfed by the ongoing bearish volatility in the crypto market at regular intervals. The coin has been trying to move in the upward direction since the start of 2020 and now has slowly managed to do that. The past one day also saw the price undergoing the market pressure at the start of the day, but as the day progressed, the currency managed to push ahead of the pressure in the upward range.

Ethereum Price Analysis

Ethereum (ETH) Price News

ETH price showed a good upward momentum yesterday. The coin started below the baseline at $261.86 at 1:53 UTC in the next 8 hours; it took an upward swing and reached a high of $275.06, showing an upsurge of 4.99%. After this hike, the Ethereum price got pushed down to $269.27 by a moderate fall of 2.14%. Then, it marked a steep upward movement and managed to reach $273.03. There was a momentary hiccup for the price of Ethereum when it slid down to $270.55 at 20:52 UTC. ETH price has again fallen today slightly to $267.36 at the time of writing this analysis.

Ethereum is gearing itself to move out of the bearish momentum, as seen from its price movements since the start of the year. The past one-day price trend for the coin also indicates the same, and as per current movement, it may soon breach previous resistance $278 again soon. Analysts are banking on this capability of the second most popular coin to live up to its potential and move towards a steady momentum during the year.

Will Ethereum (ETH) Be Able to Maintain Its Momentum in the Ongoing Bearish Pressure?

Ethereum price has been hit by the bears, like most major altcoins since July. The price has seen a lot of fluctuations. The 3-month price trend shows the ETH price above the baseline for the most part of the period though the price went below the baseline near the end of the three months, indicating that the bears are still in full swing.

Ethereum Price Analysis

ETH coin has managed a decent run in the ongoing bearish sentiment in the crypto market, as seen from the 3-month price movement, though the price performed below par. The price of Ethereum was at a high of $217.6419 on September 19. From here, the coin fell to the extent of 25.21% at $162.3544 on September 26. Then, on October 11, the currency marked 19.35% hike and reached $193.5477. This trend was, however, short-lived as the price of ETH coin again fell to the tune of 17.01% at $161.2787 on October 24. The price got some boost when it again went up to $191.3964 on November 06. With the bearish pressure getting stronger by the day, the price went below the baseline and reached $136.7543 on November 25. Currently, Ethereum price is trading at $150.6296 showing a rise of 10.15%.

Ethereum Price

ETH coin seems to have taken the bears strongly by maintaining its position above the baseline for most of the three months. Current investors should hold on to their investments as an upside movement is expected by early 2020. Day traders and short-term investors should trade considering the current situation in the crypto market.

Ethereum (ETH) Price Descends by More Than 18% Within a Month

Ethereum (ETH) price has reflected a marginal improvement in the last couple of days. A week before the same, Ethereum was tremendously falling and looking for new lows. All in all, the second month of the last quarter was quite adventurous. All eyes are on the ongoing month as the traders are looking for a substantial recovery.

In the last 30 days, Ethereum touched a high at $193.55 and a low at $133.80. During the beginning of the month i.e. November 01, 2019, the volume was 9,145,611,130 and today, the 24hr volume is $6,614,835,360. Let’s have a look at the 30-day chart.

Ethereum Monthly Chart:

Ethereum (ETH) Price Chart

Ethereum started the month at $182. The coin remained tight around the same for some days and later escalated to $194 by 6.67%. The price fell to $183 by 5.28% in the next few days. The coin recovered by 4.10%, but it again dropped and this time to $173 by 9.72%. Ethereum kept the downtrend intact and touched a low at $138 by 22.14%. There was a marginal improvement in the coin which brought the price to $154 by 11.10%. The pullback pressure again took the coin down. The currency touched $135. The price of the coin has started improving since then. The currency jumped to $155 by 14.32%. The price has been remaining in the same range since then. Ethereum is currently trading at $148.

ETH Price Prediction and Conclusion:

Ethereum has given astounding results in the past. A similar kind of improvement is expected by the currency in the future. We are positive that the coin would reflect improvement in the coming days, but till then the traders need to wait and watch.

The currency has breached the immediate support level at $150. The intraday movement is anticipated to remain sluggish. Here, take a look at the resistance and support level chart.

Resistance Level Price Support Level Price
R1 $153.43 S1 $148.01
R2 $155.67 S2 $144.83
R3 $158.85 S2 $142.59

Ethereum is likely to give flourishing results in the long term period. The short term is anticipated to be risky hence we wouldn’t vote for the same. 

Ethereum (ETH) Exhibits Escalation in Weekly Price Movement

Ethereum was recently spotted with the recovery spree. The same spike hopes amongst the traders. Well, along with the recovery, ETH coin is experiencing fluctuations. The volatility is felt by other coins too, like Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, etc.

A similar fluctuation was spotted at the beginning of November, which was followed by an upsurge and later a heavy price crash. Will Ethereum reflect a similar movement once again?

Ethereum Price Prediction

Ethereum Price

A week ago, the Ethereum price was at $153.69. The day ended at $138.75, with regression of 9.69%. On November 25, the currency jumped to $148 after touching a low at $138. On November 26, the ETH price continued the uptrend and touched $149 by 0.82%. On the next day, the uptrend took the price to $155.45. On November 28, Ethereum felt a pullback that brought to $151. The price jumped to $156 by 3.45% during yesterday’s movement. Today, the ETH coin is locked around a $154 mark. The week-long movement in Ethereum price recorded a 0.48% progression.

Ethereum is considered a high potential coin. The current market cap is $16,835,934,761. The 24-hour volume is recorded as $7,355,903,950. The movement in the ETH coin is impressive. However, intraday trading seems dicey. There is a strong possibility for the currency to breach the immediate resistance level at $157. The future holds a flourishing return. Hence, we would recommend the traders to pick long-term investment.

Will Ethereum (ETH) All Set for a Bull Run?

Ethereum price has a break from the bearish streak and goes on a recovery at regular intervals over the last 24 hours. The past one-day ETH price chart of has brought some cheers. In the said timeframe, the price has moved in the range between $150 – $154.

Ethereum Price Analysis:

ETH price movement on November 28 has been a day of a mixed bag as the currency tried to get away from the bear pressure. Yesterday, the price of Ethereum was at a high of $154.7647 at 00:56 UTC. It went below the baseline at $150.8090 at 5:41 UTC showing a downturn of 2.55%. With price waiting to get even with the bears, the price went on a rally at $153.3610 at 6:52 UTC. With the bears continuing to pull down the price, it went down to the extent of 1.86% at 12:57 UTC and reached $150.4772. Ethereum was determined to get back, and again, it took a rally and reached a high of $154.4839 at 19:36 UTC, showing an uptrend of 2.57%. By the end of the day, however, the price of ETH coin again took a fall at 2.75% at 23:05 UTC and reached $150.2347. The price has recovered today and reached to the tune of $152.0565 at 1.21%.

ETH/USD Price Chart

Ethereum continues to perform below par though yesterday brought some hope for the investor community. Will ETH coin be able to continue its upside movement? Only the coming days can foretell. Current investors will gain if they hold on to their current investments as the crypto market may take a bullish turn anytime due to its speculative nature. Day traders could continue investing and make gains if done prudently.

Ethereum (ETH) Regains Controls Over the Bulls

Ethereum price was $146.69 on November 23, 2019, with upside movement. It rose upwards and reached $154.08 on the very same day. There is a price drop of 13% in ETH coin on November 25, 2019. It was also the time when the currency reached the lowest cost at $132.22. The coin has bounced back from the fall and managed to rise to $151.31. Then, the Ethereum price was dropped by 4.86% and reached $143.95. The present situation shows the uptrend in ETH price is likely to remain for some time.

Ethereum Price Analysis:

As per the price movement of ETH coin since November 27, 2019, it presently shows a rise of 8.15%. The price of Ethereum may continue to move upwards and reach close to its immediate resistance of $153 shortly. After a time period of a week, it may cross $160.

It is advisable to trade ETH coins to gain considerable returns in the near-term. The past five days have been good as the coin prices trading upwards.

Ethereum (ETH) Price Chart

Will Ethereum (ETH) Break the Downtrend Shortly?

On November 18, 2019, Ethereum was trading at $177.84, with the movement being an upward one. Post this date, the movement was almost at the same pace until November 21, 2019. There was a sharp fall, and the ETH coin reached $156.94. The next day onwards, the bears gained control due to the fall, and the lowest cost was recorded at $132.09. Currently, the price movement of ETH coin is showing slight recovery.

Ethereum Price Analysis

If we look at ETH’s price on November 25, 2019, it was at $132.09, and thus, today, it shows an uptrend by 13.06%. After maybe a week or so, Ethereum price can continue to move in an upward fashion and reach around its next resistance $150. Strongly advisable to hold the existing ETH coins at the moment as per the trend noticed. Ethereum has seen many rises and falls over the past week and hence advisable to trade from a long-term focus. Ethereum’s huge potential can make us predict that it will recover

Ethereum Price

Ethereum (ETH) Draws a Sharp Decline of 28% in the Last Three Months

  • Ethereum lost a whopping 28.06% over the last three months
  • It may have to find shelter at $135.40 as its next support

ETH coin has lost 28.06% value over the last 90 days, and the three major price swings have pushed the price to 138 USD from 191 USD. Ethereum’s last three months’ sluggish price trend is not likely to end soon.

Ethereum Price Analysis

Ethereum price was being traded at 191.90 USD on August 26, and the first variation happened between August 29 and September 19. In these 21 days, ETH gained 56.86 USD and got placed at 221.86 USD, the highest in the three months. It was followed by a 28.33% decline that cost a whopping 62.95 USD, and it pushed the price of Ethereum to 159.25 USD by September 26. The next few days were volatile and full of unprecedented fluctuations. The last variation happened between October 11 & November 24, and in these 44 days, the coin lost 28.60%, and the price went down to 139.99 USD.

Ethereum Price

The market cap of August 26 was 20.307 billion USD. Over these 90 days, it has got down to 15.265 billion USD. There has been immense volatility in the market cap front, as well.

Ethereum’s 200 days MA is at 166.78 USD, and the 50 days MA stands at 148.52 USD. The current price of ETH coin is being traded below both the moving averages. As per the current scenario, the currency may trade around its major support level.

Resistance and Support Levels

R1 – $150.2566, R2 – $157.6833, and R3 – $161.3966

S1 – $139.1166, S2 – $135.4033, and S3 – $127.9766

Ethereum (ETH) Goes below $150, Marks 18% Decline in a Week

  • ETH coin loses 18% in the last one week and falls to 149 USD
  • It may seek the support of 140.73 USD in the coming few days

Ethereum has lost 18% over the last seven days, and the value against USD has gone as low as 149 USD from 182 USD. There have been three major price swings for ETH coin in these seven days.

Ethereum Price Analysis:

Ethereum was being traded at 182.63 USD at 00:20 UTC on November 17, and over the next 4 days, it reached as low as 156.82 USD after cutting 25.81 USD down. The next swing happened between November 21 & 22, and this 12.89% loss pushed the price of ETH coin to 140.70 USD. It was followed by a 6.79% hike that added 9.55 USD to touch 150.25 USD by 02:10 UTC.

Ethereum Price Chart

The market cap of Ethereum on November 17 was 20.102 billion USD, and it has been decreased by a huge margin in the last seven days to 16.330 billion USD.

ETH’s 20 days average stands at 149.70 USD, and it’s 50 days average is now at 149.24 USD. The current value of Ethereum is at 149.75 USD more than both the moving averages. As per the current trend, the currency may soon recover slightly.

Ethereum (ETH) Resistance and Support Levels
1st Resistance $161.42
2nd Resistance $172.57
3rd Resistance $182.11
1st Support $140.73
2nd Support $131.19
3rd Support $120.04

Ethereum Price Drowns to $150 Due to Heavy Market Pressure

Ethereum (ETH) holds heavy expectations of the traders as it has to give flourishing results in the past.  The market is currently suffering, and so does ETH coin. The disappointing condition of the market has given a hard blow to the investors.

The speculated improvement in the coin is likely to get delayed. The downtrend in ETH is considered to stay for a while. Yesterday, Ethereum price was spotted dealing at a high at $176.21 and a low at $159.37.   

Ethereum Price Analysis:

Yesterday, Ethereum started dealing at $175.50. The first few hours were moderate, but later the coin exhibited fall. The currency fell from $175.30 to $159.53 by 5.56%. The coin improved in the closing hours and jumped to $161.79 by 1.42%. The intraday movement in Ethereum registered a fall of 7.63%. Today, the ETH coin opened at $161.66. The coin remained at the same level for some time. Further, the price fell to $146.89 from $161.66 by 9.14%.  

Ethereum price is slowly dropping towards the next support level at $148. The coin has breached the immediate level at $155. The current price of the coin is $150. In the coming hours, the currency seems to drop below the major support level at $138. The intraday traders might be experiencing a profitable day.

Resistance Level Price
R1 $171.99
R2 $ 182.52
R3 $ 188.83
Support Level Price
S1 $ 155.15
S2 $148.84
S3 $138.31

Although Ethereum is recommended for long-term investors, as per the current price movement, the traders are suggested to stay put. The investors can dig-in after the market attains stable momentum.