Ethereum price comparison since the past few days shows the bears are dominating the coin today. ETH was valued at $183.53 on November 10, 2019, with the trend being downwards. The coin managed to reach $188.35 on the same day and showed a growth of 2.62%, with prices reaching even higher at $191.21. Since then, there has been a slow decline in the price with the coin moving downwards until November 13, 2019. There was a temporary rise in the price of ETH coin. It reached $188.76 on the said date. However, while writing this piece, it was indicating a drop.

ETH Price Analysis

As per the price evaluation since the day before yesterday, ETH coin is indicating a downtrend by 3% today. The price may drop further by tomorrow and reach $181. As per the present trend of Ethereum, we suggest to hold old coins in hand. The number of coins has been overbought and oversold several times, now the number being traded seem neutral. Ethereum could reach its next resistance $186 soon.

ETH Price

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