Will Ethereum (ETH) Continue to Surge Ahead of The Bearish Trend?

Ethereum is one of the most popular blockchain platforms has also had to bear the brunt of the bears since July. However, the past one month has seen ETH price move mostly in the upper range though the price did go down below the baseline at the end of the period. The coin has been moving in the range of $160.2091 – $192.7853.

Ethereum Price Analysis

ETH price has had a good running during the past 30 days though the crypto market sentiment is still showing a bearish trend. The 30-month period began on a low note for Ethereum when the price was below the baseline at $160.2091 on October 23. After this, the price began to have an upward rally and touched a high of $192.7853 on October 29. The price continued to be above the baseline though there were fluctuations due to the bearish pressure, and the price of Ethereum went down to $180.7014 on November 03.

Ethereum Price

ETH bulls being strong during the month, the price bounced back to $192.4357 on November 06, showing a jump of 6.49%. The price volatility continued, and the currency again fell to $182.0340 on November 08. On Nov 13, the price did rise to $188.5829 showing a rise of 3.25%. With the bear pressure continuing in the crypto market, the price of ETH coin went down to $172.9654 on November 19. Today, the price has risen slightly to the extent of 0.96%.

ETH’s price has been undergoing a lot of variations due to the speculative nature of the crypto market. Even now, the bulls are trying to re-enter the market though the bears are in no mood to let go of their position. The past month has seen the price of ETH move mostly in the upper range. Analysts expect the price to keep moving ahead if the present momentum can be kept.

Ethereum (ETH) Freezes Around $175 Over the Last 30 Days

Ethereum price movement has taken up a stable pace at the moment. Due to the heavy market pressure, the price is spotted falling, but alongside, ETH coin is trying to hold itself hence in the last 30-days, the price hasn’t fallen below $175.

The coin is speculated to give great results in the upcoming days. The traders are quite positive about the coin, and hence they have decided to hang with it. To understand the momentum more precisely, let’s have a look at the month-long chart of Ethereum.

Ethereum Price Analysis

Ethereum price was dealing at $175 on October 21, 2019. The price slipped to $159.73 by 9.01% drop. The coin escalated to $198.58 by 24.45% hike. The price of ETH coin slipped to $178 by 10.29%. Then, the currency escalated to $191.37 by 7.48%. The price slipped to $182.58 by 4.59% and closed the month. November started dealing around $182.58. The price jumped to $193.22 from 183.69 by 5.24%. The currency slipped to $183.69 by 4.88%. Ethereum price escalated to $190.35 by 3.65%. The coin took a tremendous fall and touched $179.62 by 5.64%. The coin escalated to $185.82 by 3.45%. The price slipped to $174 by 6.52%.

Ethereum Price

The intraday price movement of Ethereum isn’t going to be fruitful. The coin is currently dealing at $177. The price is anticipated to move towards the immediate support level at $174. The currency could also breach the next support level in the coming hours. The traders interested in the ETH coin are recommended to opt for long-term investment.

Resistance Level Price
R1 $181.59
R2 $185.73
R3 $188.92
Support Level Price
S1 $174.26
S2 $171.07
S3 $166.93

Ethereum (ETH) Exhibits 6% Loss During Week-Long Run

Ethereum has past of giving great results. However, the current price scenario is not quite impressive as the coin is under heavy market pressure. The currency is not the only coin affected by the volatility, but the entire market is spotted falling.

The traders who have invested in ETH coin must be aware of the movement of the currency. The traders are still hopeful that Ethereum price would improve in the coming days. The market is also anticipated to grow alongside. Let’s have look at the intraday chart of ETH coin and understand the movement.

Ethereum Price Chart:


The week started at $187.20. The price escalated to $189.17 by 1.01%. The currency fell to $185.23 by 2.06% on November 14. On the next day, the price dropped to $180.71. This time the regression was 2.51%.

Later, the ETH coin improved and touched $183.20. The profit marked was 1.43%. On November 17, the price touched $184.34, and the progression was 0.53%. On the next day, the currency price shifted to $178.71 by 3.07%.

Today, the fall is still intact, and there has been a loss of 2.01% already. The current price of Ethereum is $175.

Ethereum Price Prediction:

The ETH price is gradually slipping towards the major support level at $169.77. The coin has breached the immediate support at $177.52 and the next support level at $174.47. There isn’t a slight possibility for the coin to recover, but still if it does, the price would climb to $185.27. Ethereum is anticipated to give great results in the future. The currency would give great result to the long-term investment.

Resistance Level Price
R1 $185.27
R2 $189.97
R3 $193.02
Support Level Price
S1 $177.52
S2 $174.47
S3 $169.77

Ethereum’s YTD Trend Shows a 40% Increment

Ethereum (ETH), one of the top-ranked coins, has shown huge price fluctuations this year to date. It started the year at 130.66 USD, and now with an almost 40% increment, it is currently trading at 182.76 USD. The price trend of ETH coin over these 11 and half months can be divided into three major price shifts.

Ethereum Price Analysis

Ethereum’s first swing happened between February 07 & July 27, and in this period, ETH price gained 252.78% and reached the highest of the year at 364.49 USD. It was followed by a loss of 55.12% that cost it 200 USD and pushed the Ethereum price to 163.57 USD by August 29. The last major swing of the year happened between September 19 & November 15, and in these 57 days, the price of ETH coin moved from 224.71 USD to 179.82 USD.

Ethereum Price

The market cap of Ethereum also has seen a huge increment over these eleven months. The market cap at the starting of the year was 14.665 billion USD, and now it has scaled to as high as 20.011 billion USD.

ETH coin’s last 200 days moving average is at 215.04 USD and its 50 days average is 180.97 USD. The current value roams around 182.76 USD, and it is 0.98% more and 15.015% less than the 50 days and 200 days moving average, respectively. Ethereum’s next resistance may be found at 188.093 USD.

Resistance and Support Levels

R1- $188.0933333, R2- $191.0666667, R3- $ 193.9433333

S1- $182.2433333, S2- $179.3666667, S3- $176.3933333 

Ethereum (ETH) Faces Hurdles Around $185 Mark

Ethereum price comparison since the past few days shows the bears are dominating the coin today. ETH was valued at $183.53 on November 10, 2019, with the trend being downwards. The coin managed to reach $188.35 on the same day and showed a growth of 2.62%, with prices reaching even higher at $191.21. Since then, there has been a slow decline in the price with the coin moving downwards until November 13, 2019. There was a temporary rise in the price of ETH coin. It reached $188.76 on the said date. However, while writing this piece, it was indicating a drop.

ETH Price Analysis

As per the price evaluation since the day before yesterday, ETH coin is indicating a downtrend by 3% today. The price may drop further by tomorrow and reach $181. As per the present trend of Ethereum, we suggest to hold old coins in hand. The number of coins has been overbought and oversold several times, now the number being traded seem neutral. Ethereum could reach its next resistance $186 soon.

ETH Price

Ethereum (ETH) Grows by 33.75%; Since the Start of 2019 Until Now

Ethereum has once again proved its worth as one of the finest coins of the market. Over the last eleven months, ETH has made a 33.75% increment against the US Dollar. The overall price trend can be divided into three major price shifts.

Ethereum Price Analysis

ETH coin opened the year at 139.75 USD. It has its first swing between February 08 and May 16. In these days, Ethereum had a 172.98% hike and scaled as high as 281.77 USD from 103.22 USD. The second variation started on May 19, and over the next 38 days, Ethereum reached the peak point of the year at 364.49 USD after gaining 55.76%. However, from June 26, it started weakening and lost 58.02% to touch 153 USD by October 23. The current price of Ethereum is roaming around 186 USD.

As the price of Ethereum against USD, it’s Market Cap also has witnessed enormous growth. At the starting of the year, the Market Cap was at 14.665 billion USD, and currently, it is at 20.434 billion USD.

ETH coin’s 20 days average stands at 185.35 USD, and it’s 50 days average is now at 180.1 USD. Ethereum’s next resistance may come at 189.74 USD.

Ethereum (ETH) Resistance and Support Levels
1st Resistance $189.74
2nd Resistance $191.23
3rd Resistance $193.13
1st Support $186.35
2nd Support $184.45
3rd Support $182.96

Ethereum (ETH) Looks All Set for an Uptrend

  • Ethereum price is now coming on its own and moving out of the bear clutch

The past one-month gives some hope for the Ethereum community as the price has been able to pick up and move steadily above the baseline for the most part of the month. The one-month price chart of ETH shows the price fluctuating in the range between $159.73 – $190.52.

Ethereum Price Analysis

ETH price has managed to gain an uptrend for most of the past 30 days bringing relief to its huge community. The price was moving at $176.94 on October 17. The bears being active, the price of Ethereum went down to $159.72 on October 23. The price then started showing a positive trend and reached $190.2841 by 19.27% hike on October 26.

Ethereum price continued to fluctuate but managed to stay above the baseline and was at $180.2383 on November 01; the movement is 5.72%. The currency continued to show positive momentum, and the price went upwards at $190.5212 on November 06. It moved slightly down on November 12 at $185.2019 at 2.79% drop. The current day’s price of Ethereum is at $185.14.

Ethereum (ETH)

The Market Cap of Ethereum came under severe pressure since the beginning of July. However, now the coin seems to be on the road to recovery. Analysts expect ETH to pick up from this and go for a stable bullish run from the first quarter of 2020. Short-term and day traders can continue trading but should be careful about the volatile nature of the crypto market.

tZERO to Partner with BLOQ FLIX to Start a New Film Financing Route

tZERO, the security token subsidiary of Overstock partnered with media startup BLOQ FLIX to tokenize film financing. The announcement came on Thursday, as tZERO is busy with a restructuring of the organization after the resignation of Overstock CEO David Byrne and being hit by a quarterly loss of $10 million.

The news of this partnership was released with a headline “Blockbuster meets blockchain” to the press. Both the companies plan to set up a new way to finance films for television, internet, and studio projects. They want to transform the media financing sector by developing a modern way to invest in using digital tokens. They believe that this is going to make financing of different types of media secure and easy too. By using tZERO’s tokenization protocol, BLOQ FLIX will only allow qualified investors to take part in the funding process. JumpStart Securities will be the placement agent to serve these offerings.

tZERO’s CEO Saum Noursalehi released a statement that “We are thrilled to partner with the BLOQ FLIX team to bring a secure and innovative investment alternative to film financing. Our continued goal is to tokenize and trade assets that can benefit from blockchain technology, and digitizing film financing fits this model nicely.” On the other hand BLOQ FLIX CEO Brandon Hogan said that “blockchain will streamline the funding process by providing capital directly to studios and producers.”

BLOQ FLIX is a media finance and advisory firm, founded by Brandon Hogan and Jonathan Helmuth. They provide investment solutions to studio and independent producers for the production of films, television programs, and digital content. Till date, the company’s management has financed or co-financed 30 entertainment projects. In individual capacity, Hogan and Helmuth have raised over $100 million as production funds in different capacities for over 150 entertainment ventures.

tZERO is a technology firm specializing in blockchain technology. They aim to revolutionize the financial market so that they do not have to depend on the traditional institutional market structures. The company is trying to streamline and enhance the integrity of this sector through the power of blockchain technology. Earlier this July, tZERO collaborated with film production and financing company Vision Tree, to raise up to $40 million by way of tokenization to fund the biopic of Atari founder Nolan Bushnell.

KBA (Kerala Blockchain Academy) Launches Innovation Club

Recently, the state-owned KBA (Kerala Blockchain Academy) has initiated Kerala Blockchain Academy Innovation Club (KBAIC), Known as ‘Decentralized’ India Chapter, trying to provide worldwide exposure to students who are joining the initiative. Precisely, it is a state government activity under the IIITM-K (Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management Kerala); KBA has associated with the University of Nicosia (UNIC) and Block.co, a blockchain-based startup from Cyprus, to introduce KBAIC.

Moreover, ‘Decentralized’ is a worldwide blockchain student network, which is supported by UNIC, across different nations around the world. The coordinated effort will help members from KBAIC by taking advantage of the opportunities to work closely with the individuals from the Decentralized, an official statement said. The institutional subscription to KBAIC is free. Further, it will offer seminars, workshops, hackathons, faculty development programs, and internships to members of the institution.

Besides, the association with UNIC, known as the prestigious global university in the blockchain technology, will be a driving force to KBA’s launch to position Kerala as the blockchain hub of Asia, to use the enormous potential of this advanced technology, an official statement said. Additionally, KBA revealed an ambitious project, Kerala Blockchain Academy Innovation Clubs (KBAICs) to be set up in academic institutions, jointly set up with Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM), it included.

Besides, by associating with UNIC, which is a well known global university for Blockchain technology, will bestow further knowledge to KBA’s drives to position Kerala as the leading blockchain center point of Asia, to use the immense capability of this advanced technology.

KBAIC (Kerala Blockchain Academy Innovation Club) is an innovative activity by Kerala Blockchain Academy (KBA) to help students from various countries to research deep into the capability of blockchain technology. Over and above, KBAIC gives a chance to work with experts and helps to analyze the most recent developments in this space. This will assist students in building their career in blockchain technology.

Ripple Assigned Ron Hammond As New Manager Of Government Relations

A tweet on September 3 from Rom Hammond has confirmed that he has been onboard of Ripple. Ron will take charge as the Manager for Government relations.

Ron has acknowledged his enthusiasm towards his new role in Ripple. He has confirmed that he will work closely with his new team to bring forth many reforms including the ongoing XRP issue.

Achievements of Ron Hammond

Ron William Hammond is a well-known legislator. He has provided consultation services to the US government regarding the digital currencies.

He has a substantial experience towards crafting Token Taxonomy Act, Market data protection act, Common sense opportunities Act, Data Process restoration Act any many more.

He has had shaped Digital Assets, Financial Services, and many other such policies with his legislative acumen. Owing to his previous involvements, he has robust connections within the political and business sphere.

Ripple outcry

Company has been entangled in a legal battle with the XRP investors about its XRP policy since last year. A recent discontent has been witnessed amongst the Ripple community over the dumping of the XRP currency.

There is a growing buzz among the investors that Ripple is excluding the XRP price. Because of this ambiguity, XRP is not in a good position comparing to other cryptocurrencies.

At this juncture, Whale Alert reported on 1st September that the company has moved XRP worth billions of dollars from the escrow wallet recently. This has raised the attention of the Ripple community and the crypto market observers.

Appointment of Ron – To Reshape the Policies and Build Trust

The appointment of Ron has been welcomed by the Ripple community and has raised their expectations towards the company. Ron readily has expressed his desire to work on XRP issue and want to build trust among its investors.

He will also be actively involved in structuring new expansion plans for the firm. Ron will also be advocating the stance of the Ripple that XRP should not be considered as a security token.

Ripple has a strong network with 50 nations around the globe. Ron is supposed to work in sync with the investors and rest of the crypto community. The company is hopeful that his influential contacts will benefit them to surge ahead in the market.

Observers are considering Ron’s recruitment as a successful step towards development plans of the company.