Ethereum price was $146.69 on November 23, 2019, with upside movement. It rose upwards and reached $154.08 on the very same day. There is a price drop of 13% in ETH coin on November 25, 2019. It was also the time when the currency reached the lowest cost at $132.22. The coin has bounced back from the fall and managed to rise to $151.31. Then, the Ethereum price was dropped by 4.86% and reached $143.95. The present situation shows the uptrend in ETH price is likely to remain for some time.

Ethereum Price Analysis:

As per the price movement of ETH coin since November 27, 2019, it presently shows a rise of 8.15%. The price of Ethereum may continue to move upwards and reach close to its immediate resistance of $153 shortly. After a time period of a week, it may cross $160.

It is advisable to trade ETH coins to gain considerable returns in the near-term. The past five days have been good as the coin prices trading upwards.

Ethereum (ETH) Price Chart

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