On November 18, 2019, Ethereum was trading at $177.84, with the movement being an upward one. Post this date, the movement was almost at the same pace until November 21, 2019. There was a sharp fall, and the ETH coin reached $156.94. The next day onwards, the bears gained control due to the fall, and the lowest cost was recorded at $132.09. Currently, the price movement of ETH coin is showing slight recovery.

Ethereum Price Analysis

If we look at ETH’s price on November 25, 2019, it was at $132.09, and thus, today, it shows an uptrend by 13.06%. After maybe a week or so, Ethereum price can continue to move in an upward fashion and reach around its next resistance $150. Strongly advisable to hold the existing ETH coins at the moment as per the trend noticed. Ethereum has seen many rises and falls over the past week and hence advisable to trade from a long-term focus. Ethereum’s huge potential can make us predict that it will recover

Ethereum Price

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